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Damage payment method

Service delivery guidelines for paying damages to customers

Arka Tejarat Aeen company is an importer of high quality tires with all international standards from some countries of the world. During the 30 years of activity of the managers of this company in the market, they have always tried to adhere to their vision and mission and have seen the customer not from the point of view of a buyer but from the point of view of a human being with rights and by providing extensive after-sales services in Create a safe and secure platform for them all over the country. In line with the policy of protecting the rights of consumers, the policy of this company in providing services from the purchase stage to the stage of providing after-sales services is provided:

  1. A) Pre-purchase stage:

At this stage, the customer chooses the right tire by referring to the company’s branches, agencies, or sales agencies across the country, using the advice of our trained experts, and after ensuring that the product is safe, he takes delivery of the product. In addition, along with the delivery of the goods, he also receives the following documents:

Company warranty card
The guide for activating the warranty from the company’s website contains explanations about the optimal maintenance method and how to read the information of the purchased tire.
Satisfaction form from sales department employees

By entering the serial code in the internet system and the agency code in the company’s internet system, the customer will receive a message on his mobile phone with the theme of warranty activation and the customer code. This code is kept in the company’s database for at least 5 years.

  1. b) Post-sale stage:

At this stage, the company communicates with its customers at certain intervals (about 6 months) through its SMS system and evaluates the level of customer satisfaction. Then, it investigates the causes of dissatisfaction and estimates the percentage of customer dissatisfaction, and after filtering the dissatisfied customers, their numbers are referred to the company’s support and after-sales service unit for further investigation, and this department is responsible for following up on the issue and eliminating the causes of dissatisfaction. It is customers.

Procedures for paying damages to the customer:

1) Defect identification in the tire purchased by the customer during the warranty period:

After detecting the defect in the tire, according to the information on the customer’s warranty card, he contacts the company’s head office and, while presenting the serial code entered on the warranty card and the customer’s code, reports his complaint to the support unit. After checking the desired code in its databases and ensuring that the warranty period has not expired, the company will inform the customer of the number and address of the nearest service branch in the country. Then the customer takes the defective tire to the desired location and the preliminary examination is done. If it is determined that the cause of the defective tire is improper use and maintenance and the conditions on the warranty card are not met, the tire will be returned to the customer with the agreement of the customer. However, if the inherent defect is detected or the tire defect cannot be identified, the tire will be received from the customer and a receipt will be given to him. In this receipt, the customer is promised that the result will be announced to him within 2 weeks.

2- Send some photos of the tire damage to the head office:

At this stage, some photos of the tire focusing on the damaged part are sent to the central office by the perpetrators and respected representatives. If the defect is not recognized from the photo, the defective tire will be sent to the head office at the expense of the company.

3- Examining photos or tire samples and submitting a verdict:

After checking the photos or tire samples by a technical expert who has an inspection permit, the results will be announced to the central office.

4- Checking the announced results of the undergraduate unit

5- If there is an inherent defect, according to the customer’s opinion, one of the following two policies will be adopted:

  1. A) An amount for the amount of damage is paid to the customer according to the following formula:

Damage calculation formula:

(Purchase price according to the invoice x tire tread wear percentage) – (Purchase price according to the invoice) = Tire damage payment to the customer

  1. b) tire replacement:

If the customer requests to change the tire, the replacement rate will be calculated according to the sold price after deduction of value added tax.

Note: Tires with tread less than 1.6 mm are not covered by warranty.

6- If the inherent defect is not confirmed and the customer declares non-compliance with the maintenance conditions, the result of the inspection will be sent to the representative and delivered to the customer along with the defective tire.